Catherine W. Anglin focuses her civil litigation practice on complex toxic tort and products liability litigation, environmental law, health & safety, and construction law.  Her work in these fields is buttressed by the 13-year career she enjoyed as an environmental consultant prior to practicing law.

Catherine particularly enjoys working with experts to bolster the industrial hygiene, occupational health, medical, and technical aspects of complex cases.  She also has an in-depth understanding of the asbestos bankruptcy trust system which she leverages to benefit her asbestos defense clients.

Catherine has experience in a full range of environmental law matters, including Brownfields projects, toxic tort litigation, and cases involving sinkholes, mold, and landfills. Similarly, she has experience related to the full suite of potential contaminants – from coal combustion residues (“CCRs”), per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (“PFAS”), volatile organic compounds (“VOCs”), semi-volatile organic compounds (“SVOCs”), metals, and nitroaromatics. Catherine assists clients with Brownfields projects under the Brownfield Voluntary Cleanup Oversight and Assistance Program (“VOAP”) of the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (“TDEC”) to effectively address contaminated property so that it can be redeveloped and further utilized.

In her prior career as an environmental consultant she planned, conducted, and reported results from soil and groundwater contamination investigations to evaluate the nature and extent of contamination. This work required a deep understanding of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (“RCRA”), the Clean Water Act (“CWA”), the Clean Air Act (“CAA”) and CERCLA (aka “the Superfund Act”) regulations.   Catherine worked with clients, and both state and EPA regulators, to evaluate contamination issues and apply efficient and innovative remediation techniques to bring remediation projects to closure. In the year before law school, Catherine served as a Quality Control Manager for a $20 Million levee rebuilding project south of New Orleans, Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina.

Catherine lives in Knoxville with her husband, Brian, and daughter, Caroline. Catherine co-coaches her daughter’s robotics team. As a family, they enjoy hiking in the nearby Smoky Mountains. Currently, their favorite hike is the Alum Cave Bluff trail. This iconic trail follows a meandering mountain stream and works its way through hardwoods and a narrow tunnel to the picturesque views from the Bluffs. It is a reminder of the importance of protecting the earth’s natural beauty.