• Commercial Litigation

    Commercial Litigation

    The area of the law dealing with commercial and business-related disputes, such as those that arise from contracts, business torts, and banking and finance issues.

  • Construction Litigation

    Construction Litigation

    The area of the law that deals with construction disputes between commercial and residential owners and the contractors and subcontractors involved in the construction process.

  • Landlord Tenant

    Landlord Tenant

    The representation of owners and management companies in the multifamily housing industry including tenant disputes and evictions, residential leases, and the representation of landlords in fair housing cases.

  • Litigation


    The area of the law that involves the preparation and presentation of a lawsuit or other resort to the courts to determine a legal question or matter.

  • Mass Tort Litigation / Class Action

    Mass Tort Litigation / Class Action

    The area of law that deals with a civil action involving numerous plaintiffs against one or a few corporate defendants in state or federal court.

  • Pharmaceutical


    The area of law involving the representation of doctors, pharmaceuticals companies, and manufacturers in litigation tied to prescription drugs, contrast agents, or medical devices.

  • Products Liability

    Products Liability

    The area of law dealing with the liability imposed on a manufacturer or seller of a defective and unreasonably dangerous product.

  • Toxic Torts

    Toxic Torts

    The area of law dealing with the exposure of individuals or communities to hazardous chemicals or property damage caused by the discharge or disposal of chemicals.